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Inner Refuge affirms that the capacity for self liberation resides within every human being. A universal wisdom links every human spiritual tradition and Inner Refuge supports the individual’s exploration of her/his own unique spiritual path.

People form the center of the Inner Refuge vision. Our aim is to create spaces (physical and virtual) where people are free to be their authentic selves – beloved, as they are.  We engage highly skilled and experienced practitioners in the fields of spiritual practice (Christian Contemplation and Vipassana/Insight Meditation), Naturopathic Medicine, Reiki, Life Coaching, and Art therapies (dance, music and visual arts).

Inner Refuge Practice Leaders are qualified professionals actively engaged in enriching their own spiritual practice. Each is personally committed to supporting others engage personal empowerment and mindful freedom. The Practice Leaders facilitate online consultation forums to support the growth and insights gained in daily life and retreat experiences.

Our offerings encourage compassionate connection with self so that healing and growth are possible.

Offerings Include:

  • relaxation practice for ordinary folks;
  • guided meditation for daily life;
  • meditation retreats (can be tailored to individual/group interests);
  • empowerment workshops;
  • holistic health and nutrition forums;
  • life balance forums;
  • individual coaching and consultation;
  • online discussion forums

Venues for all offerings are selected to give participants the energetic and physical space to do the spiritual work they need to do in a safe environment.  We utilize oases in both busy urban centers (yes it’s possible) as well as in idyllic settings along the Pacific Northwest coast. We can also assist you with identifying and creating oases of your own wherever you find yourself.  Fees for all offerings are always on a sliding scale.

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