Choosing the path of love

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 in acceptance, faith, fear, Love, peace

In a daily meditation presented in his book Everyday Meditation, inspired meditation teacher and living sage Tobin Blake challenges readers to consider that the choice in life is between the path of fear and the path of love. At first blush this appears to be an interesting if not unconventional assessment of the framework of our daily choices so I put it to the test. Sure enough, Blake is right. At each turn in my daily walk I realize that hidden behind any anxiety or any sense of lack I allow my mind to harbour is the backdrop of fear while the palpable energy calling me to inhabit the fullness of my being is the energy of true, unbounded love. What also became clear is how easily the mind tends towards getting wrapped up in patterns of anxious busyness and doing.

In Christian circles it is often taught that the opposite of faith is fear or certainty as proposed by the head priest at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, BC in a recent teaching. However, these approaches feel at least one step removed from the simple and fundamental experiences of true love and real fear that we as ordinary people experience daily. When we search news and media reports, regardless of how sensational, tragic or inspiring, examples of the simple framework of the choice between love and fear abound. When we choose the path of true, unbounded, unqualified love we make a resolute choice to embrace not only the gift of ourself and our life but also the gifts and life of others – human and other. When we opt for fear, we are immediately caught up in a struggle that ensnares us and others. All of a sudden, the false economy of scarcity and lack dawns on our conscience. The path of love invites us to acceptance and harmony. The path of fear suggests a need for battle readiness, which, when we catch a glimpse of any perceived shortcomings inspires more fear which triggers a desire for even greater defence which reaffirms fear and so the cycle of fear is perpetuated. The path of love leads to inner and outer peace and resonates with our innermost self.

What does the experience of your life manifest about experiences of love and fear?

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