Living a Balanced Life

Posted by on Oct 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

The idea of balance communicates a static state. The reality is we don’t get any free passes on this high wire act that requires momentary attention at times. If it feels like hard work sometimes – more like most of the time for some of us – that’s because it is. However it’s helpful to […]

The power of presence

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While lots of focus is paid to what we do, a better test is whether we are truly present to our experience. If we are simply going through the motions we miss valuable opportunities in which the magic of true connection can happen. Take the simple act of a handshake. Simple, right? Yet, it is […]

What truly matters

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While it can be challenging at times to identify things that truly matter and deserve not just our time but our energy in the midst of news cycles that often opt for the sensational and new we are gifted with reminders of what the landscape of “the good” feels like. Here I am invoking the […]