What truly matters

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

While it can be challenging at times to identify things that truly matter and deserve not just our time but our energy in the midst of news cycles that often opt for the sensational and new we are gifted with reminders of what the landscape of “the good” feels like. Here I am invoking the idea of good as described by Sophocles in Nichomachean Ethics – that which can be universally identified as benefitting humankind.

In our modern context we are told that the idea of “good” is relative. Yet, most people know in their gut when things are amiss and when things are in balance. We know on an experiential level that the things that make the most impact on our lives often happen away from the spectre of Twitter, and fireworks. In fact we often get a hint about when transformation has occurred because it is not easily communicated en masse but rather on a personal, heart to heart level. My hope is that we more readily opt to remain in the landscape of the good and claim what really matters not because of the number of likes we think we’ll get but because we know that what really matters changes us for ever.

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